The first rum that we created is a Dark Spiced Spirit based on barrel aged rum. A wide variety of spices and fruits leave a complex flavor in the mouth. Notes of mango, banana, cinnamon, vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee, …     The perfect after-dinner drink straight or on the rocks. Easy to drink and easy to use in cocktails like a Dark ‘n Stormy. A nice complexity and mysteriousness from the first sip. Smooth aftertaste with a perfect sweetness.     Caribbean Rum base : Content: 70 cl / Alc.: 40% / Taste: sweet and spiced / Rum base: Barbados – Trinidad



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The story of 16 th century explorer Nathaniel Winter . Sagres in Portugal is termed the ‘End of the Known World’. I was there recently, and what s uck me when I looked out from the point was the vastness of the ocean and thoughts of all the life that lay underneath the surface. It must be daunting to set off without knowing what you might encounter.

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