Dark Spiced


I crossed the ocean and found this heavenly drink.

Flavour note:  Based on a five-year- old rum and finished with variety of spices, fruits and caramel.

“We set sail from the World’s End, crossing the forbidden sea,  storms, sea monsters and ... the unknown. Thirsty and out of our  minds we reached the south islands and found this heavenly liquor.”

Dark Spiced


So, next i sail back to the Caribbean and port at a new island - Barbados - which is the place where Falernum originated. Here the inhabitants have created something sweet, sharp and tropically delicious.

Flavour note : rum-based liqueur, cloves, almonds, cinnamon and lemon.

“The wild buccaneers boarded, demanding our cargo of Falernum rum. I offered them a taste, then another, and when I threw a bottle overboard, they couldn’t help but follow - while we escaped.”

Dark Spiced


These ones bring fear and legends into the mix, and the worry that the native people will attack. This concern is allayed and a wonderful drink discovered. Again, hardship is rewarded. In the second example, the rum is portrayed as having great value.

Flavour note: Rum spiced with allspice and cinnamon

“Leaving a deadly sea serpent in our wake, we came to the island of the volcano. Their drums beat, their fires burned, but instead of taking our heads they gave us a spiced drink like no other.”


The story of 16 th century explorer Nathaniel Winter . Sagres in Portugal is termed the ‘End of the Known World’. I was there recently, and what s uck me when I looked out from the point was the vastness of the ocean and thoughts of all the life that lay underneath the surface. It must be daunting to set off without knowing what you might encounter.

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